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It was like it is ~

x It is like it was

11/3/10 12:39 am

am I being a little bit like a .. air-head.. ?! my thinkin seemed to left me .. & i wait for something that might struck me..

well .. that's what just hit me ..


the whole moving away from velp is d0ne. im outta there.. now i live @ schaarsbergen ..
in an old lab.. its quite amazing, woods all around, fun for esmee & calming for me.
but i can only stay there for a couple of weeks.. not till the end of this year..

i looked @ a place near by the city..
it was space-full & couzy... even with a xtra vide, something quite nice for the price also..

but i never got the drive & excited heart-beatings i was hoping too get.. when i would fineally find my 'own place'

but im still in the running for renting it..
im happy that my non-feelins didnt completly fucked it up yet !

some kind of funny feelin in my chest is now there when i think about the place
i h0pe im not too late

.. searching can be a ***
&being let down in that proces, by an other and the situation that i was in

..but a side of it makes me also joy-full
friends helping & even wanne go searching together <3

sharing a place with a friend, would be lovely !
even being closer would make me so happy ! instead of being always more then a halve hour away

i cant wait till its morging.. im just gonna call, so i'll hopefully find info out about the place im hoping for ^^

10/3/10 02:52 am - auxh

This is horrible , my thum is hurting like crazy
Its like almost sunday morging and i lay awake feeling quite fucked up
Cant believe this is happening :(
Dunno where the hell the pain comes from
Its a feelin like somebody put a sjarp object and pushed it under my nail
Maybe while i was doing my dreads i stabbed myself :'(
This is ridicoulous ah iwanne fall asleep and wake up without pain

Now im gonna try to concentrate the pain away -_-

9/12/10 02:33 pm

okey.. it totally looks like the summer is offically over..
it's allready raining the whole day ):
im still in Duiven, but wanted to go too Velp to get some of my stuff cause iwill be staying here a couple of more days..
i know for sure that when i will reach my place .. i will be sooked
still i think i will be going, just in a hour , maybe the weather will be changend, maybe not

yesterday i had my first day of art-school
im happy with how it turned out, i think
im looking forward 2 the next schoolday , too expierence how it will roll
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