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It was like it is ~

x It is like it was

9/10/10 01:35 pm

im cat-sitting this week, my parents are road-trippn in Germany & they asked me if I felt like, staying in Duiven for a week & too take care of Sushi, the cat (:
I totally like being here
There was some fuzz between Sushi & Esmee @ the beginning from the week, but they seem too get along now :)
Well im gonna take a walk with esmee in a little bit & then I have plannend too go to the opticien ..
I wanted too do that for quite a while now..
Checking if i need som glasses or soo.. My eyes always feel tired ):
& Im startig school tomorrow ( yeah on a saturday .. -_- )
-- I started school earlier this week, but that made me wanne take it a other direction,
so now I have every saturday from 9:30 till the afternoon, school @ the art academie.
& in the mid-week i've got school that combines with that ..
im lookin forward too it~(:
& now
coffee !
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